So this is my very first post in my blog, as you can see I’ve used my full name, good or bad idea? Well whatever you think, my reason for doing so is because I have no reason not to, nothing I will say is anything I need to be ashamed of, it’s just things that have happened that others may be able to relate to, that I have an opinion on.

Topics that may be spoken about:

  • Having kids
  • Rape
  • Family issues
  • Depression and how I deal with it
  • Topics in the media
  • Food (something I am very passionate about, especially baking)
  • Travel (mainly with my daughter)
  • Single parenting
  • Hobbies

These are just a few, my aim is to every time I think of something that may be of interest, blog it and see what happens, this has started because I have realised recently that when I have something on my mind, I can’t always speak to friends or family about it, but I also want to get these things off my chest, the best way of doing so has been to write in the notes on my phone, maybe what I’m typing is something you want to speak about? something that has happened to you but you didn’t think it had happened to anyone else? maybe if you see someone else speaking about these subjects then you will realise it is of interest to someone else and you will feel you can talk to the right person?

Any comments, good or bad or welcome and I am willing to discuss it, but not argue or be insulted, so if I am to set one rule about this blog, it’s to BE KIND! something I have not been to myself lately, but now is the time to start.