Today Amber has had an inset day, unfortunately I have had to work, luckily I work from home (that’s another blog coming soon) this means that she has been able to bake! After watching the kids great British bake off, she has had a sudden interest in cooking, finally following in mummy’s footsteps.

Over the past few weeks she has made a checkerboard chocolate and vanilla cake, Bourbon biscuits and today she has made melting moment biscuits.

I’ve given her a little freedom with the baking, she chooses her recipes, checks the cupboards and fridge for the ingredients and measures everything out to make sure she has enough before she starts and if anything is missing she writes it down and asks if I can get it next time I go to the shops.

Kids baking may just seem like a fun thing to do for some of you, but it’s also educational through fun learning.  She has to use maths to measure the ingredients and English to read the recipes and write the ingredients, not to mention life skills, 10 years old and she can bake from start to finish, with a little bit of help getting things in and out of the hot oven, that’s pretty impressive.

She knows that if she wants the opportunity to taste her creation at the end she also has to clear up, every good cook has to have an organised kitchen.

The sense of satisfaction she gets from completing her wonderful cooking is immense, she has the biggest smile and the best thing for her is making these treats for other people.

We are well and truly focusing on making money at the moment too, so as soon as summer comes she will be outside the front door selling her treats to earn extra cash.

Amber enjoys cooking so much that when we go on our little holiday to Cornwall in August she will be taking part in a half day cooking course at Rick Steins cookery school in Padstow, very excited little lady.