So on a lighter note from yesterday’s posts, today is about pocket money, should it just be given or should it be earned?

I am very lucky to have a wonderful daughter who naturally helps around the house anyway, but I felt it was time to teach her the value of money. We are wanting to travel a lot at the moment, I want my daughter to see the world, 10 years old is a great time to see new things, everything looks so big and the excitement can really build when we go somewhere. But she needs to understand that when we go to these places mummy cannot just buy endless treats and souvenirs, if she would like these lovely things, she needs to do things to earn the money. So yesterday our new chalk board paint arrived, I took the decision to paint a wall so we could use it as a chalk board and make it a fun way of keeping track of the money she has been earning from her chores.

The chores Amber is doing:

  • Making breakfast
  • Making packed lunch for school
  • Helping with dinner
  • Clearing the plates
  • Helping with washing
  • Getting her clothes ready

She doesn’t have to do these everyday if she doesn’t want to, but she won’t get paid if she doesn’t!

It’s having the strangest effect on my daughter, she’s wanting to do more for me, her favourite line at the moment seems to be ‘I’m going to do this for free because I love you’ haha it seems to be making the extra things she does more meaningful.

The routine of doing these things each day is making us both very happy, Amber feels a sense of achievement and gets a little reward at the end of the week and I get to put my feet up haha