Recently has been all about doing the things that I enjoy, things that I want to do and not the things I feel I have to do, so if you’re spending time with me right now, then feel god damn priveledged 🙂

Today was wonderful because I got to go and have a very chilled out breakfast with one of my oldest and bestest friends, there was no pressure to be there, I was there because I wanted to be, Amber was at a sleepover and then off to the science fair, so I got to wake up in my own time, have coffee in my PJ’s, have a nice hot shower and take a stroll to the top of my square for 10am to meet my lovely friend.  We ate amazingly on a budget and managed to think of every inuendo there was before we got to the end of our meal.  We laughed so hard our bellies and faces hurt, something that was becoming a distant memory for me, but is now becoming a reality again.

We had a long conversation about how technology seems to be one of the root causes for anxiety and depression.  It wasn’t that long ago that the only way we were reachable was via a landline phone, how many of us even have a landline now and if you do then the only reason would be for your internet connection, do we ever even hand out our home phone numbers now? We used to be able to go out and not even think about if we have our phone with us, but now we panic if we leave it at home, god forbid we weren’t reachable when we popped to the local shop! We become anxious now when someone doesn’t send us a message back straight away because we expect everyone to have their phone with them 24/7.  We seem to forget that it’s ok to have a life, someone is allowed to go and do things and enjoy themselves without being constantly reachable.  When did it all of a sudden become acceptable to be angry with someone if you don’t allow them to see your life on facebook? We forget that we run our own lives, no one is entitled to see your life unless you allow them to, and yet we feel guilt when someone has a go at you for restricting what they can see.

I think it’s about time we went back to being a little more old fashioned, if we would like to see someone or talk to them, pick up the phone and leave a message if they are not available, don’t expect someone to respond straight away, don’t get anxious about what they may be doing, be happy that they are off enjoying themselves and not attached to their phone, when they have a spare moment they will call you back.

I miss the days when I would recieve letters in the post from loved ones, instead now I dread the post as all it will be is bills, I miss calls in the evening when my friends would call me after finishing their homework, but now a call could be work or cold calling, all that grown up stuff.

Today my phone was used for good things, arranging a time to meet my friend, taking silly photos, arranging when to collect my daughter from a science fair and taking pics of the yummy banana curry I made for dinner.  But you know what else I did with my phone, I turned it on silent whilst I enjoyed my time with my friend and made the most of every second I had with her.

The moral of the story is, do what you enjoy with who you enjoy to spend time with and every once in a while try not to be contactable and don’t feel guilty about it, because before social media it was acceptable to have a good time and not be judged for it.