February 14th, that one day we are meant to show how much we care about the love of our life, right? Heck no! totally wrong!

Why exactly do we put so much pressure on ourselves and our lovers to show affection on this one day? has the world gone mad? have we all forgotten that we are meant to love each other all the time?

We don’t need big gestures and gifts on one day of the year, don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to receive flowers and for someone to show how much they love you, but why wait til Valentines day to do it?

For me Valentines is an excuse to make jammy heart biscuits at 7am!

I was walking home from my friends house last night and every restaurant I walked past had a sign outside advertising ‘Book your Valentines meal’.  Before you go do that, ask yourself why you’re doing this on one day, what makes this day more special with your loved one than any other? I bet you won’t be able to find the answer.  What we are doing is giving into the pressure of advertising, being told that if we don’t buy these flowers and these chocolates and take your loved one for a romantic meal then you must not care, what if we all made the effort every day apart from that one day, would that mean we are not showing our love? No what it means is we are not wasting money.

Yes I am single and you may be thinking I am probably just saying all of this because I feel lonely, but I honestly believe it.

Don’t get me wrong it’s very depressing walking into shops and all I can see is red hearts and roses, but mainly that’s because they are a symbol for love which is something I don’t have, not because I long for it on one day and want to be showered with gifts, but because I genuinely want to find someone who I can share my love with every day.

There have been years when I have received earrings, roses, cards, perfume, chocs, all those lovely things, but the thing I want the most is someone who loves me enough to be here when I need them.  Gifts don’t show love, time and effort does.