So I’ve been battling with my weight for a little while, I tend to comfort eat if I am feeling a little low, but today I managed to get up and do my daily Emily Skye workout and was feeling OK after I had my shower.  I decided to put on some new Victoria Secret underwear I bought whilst I was in New York at Christmas.  Usually I may look at myself in the mirror and think about how terrible I look, but today I thought I look alright in these undies, I know I need to lose some more weight and tone up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like the way I look right now, even though I haven’t reached my goals yet.

I thought I would take a look on the Victoria Secret website today and see what other offers they have on the underwear, whilst I was on the website I noticed many skinny women modelling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way these women look, however I don’t feel there is much wrong with the way curvy women look in underwear either and yet we are not being shown off.

So I took a few pics of myself and emailed Victoria Secret and have asked them if they would be OK with seeing how good curvy women look in their undies.  I am yet to hear back from them, but I really do hope I get the response I am looking for.

Having been exercising and eating healthier (with the occasional naughty thing) for a few weeks, I have realised though that it’s not all so much about losing weight but just feeling healthy and it’s that that I strive for now, so now if I lose weight it will be a bonus.

Photo’s I took this morning have not been edited, I wanted a real image of my curves and for people to see that they are not so bad after all, but my fitness journey still continues, but without so much pressure on myself to be what the media sees as perfect.

Curves and no makeup is ok ladies and if you like it that’s all that matters.