Who really wants to pay those high prices for shabby chic furniture?

I didn’t have a lot of money and wanted to set myself a little art project, I was in need of something therapeutic to focus on and creating shabby chic furniture was exactly what I craved.

I bought very cheap furniture from amazon and the charity shop, it didn’t need to have been treated, just basic as it is going to be painted over anyway.

There’s only a few things you need:

  • Chalk paint
  • Furniture wax
  • Sand paper
  • Paint brush
  • Cloth

Make sure you lay down a dust sheet.  Take off all knobs etc on the furniture.  Put some chalk paint on a brush and start painting, there’s no need to be really careful, remember it’s meant to be ‘shabby’ chic! Chalk paint dries really fast so I didn’t have to wait long before I could start sanding.  The key is to think about the places that may naturally get worn the most, corners, maybe patches on the tops of a table, where drawers are being opened, you get the general idea.  Give it a quick dust down and you’re ready to start waxing. Put a bit on your cloth and put it on your newly painted and sanded furniture in a circular motion, once again not needing to be too careful, depending on how much of a shine you want you can buff for longer with your cloth, not too much wax is needed, I think I only used one tub for all my furniture and I had quite a bit, 5 chairs, a table, side board, coffee table and TV stand.

Now you just need to put your knobs back on, I decided to change mine to something that would look in better keeping with my new furniture, I found some knobs in various places, eBay, marks and spencer, charity shops etc, remember they don’t have to match, they look better if they don’t.

So anyway the end product is fantastic, I had a real sense of achievement when I completed my little project, I highly recommended it.

Even if you don’t want to keep what you’ve created, you now have something that will make you a little extra cash, I’ve had my furniture now for a few years and am thinking of sticking it on gumtree, the shabby chic market has gone crazy, so maybe it’s time to make a bit of money from my project.

Also a great thing to get the kids involved in, it’s not something that has to be very neat so they can paint too their hearts content and not worry about the paint going in the right place, my daughter loved helping me, pretty certain she always sits on the same chair because that’s the one she helped paint.

Art is a therapy, get stuck in, let yourself go and let your mind focus on creating something beautiful.