Most people would say that to be successful you need to have lots of money, but what use is lots of money if you’re sad and lonely? Surely this would mean that you have been very unsuccessful?

How much money you have is not a measure of your success.  Although it depends in which context we are talking about success, you may consider yourself to be successful in your career if you have made a lot of money, but if your career takes you away from family and friends and doesn’t allow you time to yourself, I would most certainly say that this makes you an unsuccessful human being.

We need to know when to stop, when you have enough.  It’s great to have ambition, but when ambition takes hold it’s called greed, you then start making money for the sake of it and when you have worked and worked and not spent time with your loved ones, you end up lonely because you have lost them, this is when you start to believe the money will actually make you happy, money is just a short term fix.

Don’t get me wrong I would like enough money to be able to pay my bills, do a few nice things and to know that my future is a stable one.  But what is most important to me is showing my daughter love and affection and providing her with my time and support, this is what creates a wonderful adult.

If we all found enough time to spend with our loved ones, it is guarenteed to make them feel a lot more special than a present does, money does not buy affections and what use is money when you retire if you no longer have loved ones to spend time with, because you spent all your time working and have gradually lost their affections as you never showed them how much you care.

Hug the ones you care about, tell them you love them and most importantly spend time with them and support them, no matter what path they take.  Your children will live a much happier and what I class as a successful life if you are there for them.